Option B: Leg Extension / Leg Curl

Leg Extension
Leg Curl
Back Extension
Resistance Sit Up
Neck (left)
Neck (right)
Neck (front)
Neck (back)
Tricep Extension
Bicep Curl
Preacher Curl
Tricep Extension
Sit Ups
Bent-Over Row
Resistance Knee Raise
Arm Wrestling Strength Exercise
Core Twist
1-Arm Upright Row
1-Arm Press Down
Assisted Pull Ups
Abductor Exercise
Adductor Exercise
Hip Flexor Exercise
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Stack on as much weight as you want to on this high quality leg extension / leg curl. Most machines offer minimal resistance during the first 25° of motion, but you will get maximum resistance throughout the entire movement with our design. The leg curl is ergonomically designed so that the back is positioned in its natural curve for lifting which could otherwise cause unnecessary strain and possible injury. This versatile option also converts into a seated ab crunch machine as well as other exercises shown below.


This item is compatible with the Titan T0, T1, & T2 machines (all discontinued). Remaining inventory is in 'scratch & dent' for discounts.